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Dentists & dental specialists

Astrid Dungelmann

Astrid Dungelmann - dentist

Graduated in 1989 at the VU in Amsterdam. I have worked in various practices, also in South Africa. I love my work as a family dentist, even more since we started DeltaDents in 2007. A good relationship with our patients is vital therfor I aim to find the right treatment within the available budget. Always with esthetics in mind. This practice makes it easy for me to refer you, the patient, to the right dentist for specialist treatments.

Elvi Brouwer

Elvi Brouwer - dentist- specialized in implantology

In the 13 years that she had a practice in Zoetermeer, the desire arose to collect all specialisms in one building. Initiator, founder and designer of the practice. Very experienced general practitioner with a registered specialization in implantology. Skilled in minor surgery and gum correction. Member of the visitation committee of the NVOI (Dutch Association of Oral Implantology) that checks the quality and registration of implantologists..

Emmelotte de Bakker

Emmelotte de Bakker - dentist

Originally from Voorschoten, Emmelotte found her way back to this town again. After graduating from the VU (ACTA) in 2011 and working in a practice near Amsterdam, Emmelotte started at DeltaDents in the beginning of 2012. She is an enthusiastic dentist with passion for her work and has affinity with esthetic treatments, kids and patients dealing with anxiety for dental treatment. In 2014 and 2015 she followed the "Continuing Education Program for Comprehensive Dentistry" (CEPCD), a program to broaden her knowledge and skills. From February 2016 – February 2018 Emmelotte followed the study: MBA Healthcare Management at the University of Amsterdam. She is a member of the KNMT (the national union of dentistry).

Floor ten Berge

Floor ten Berge – dentist

Floor is a dentist with enthusiasm for her work. She worked since 2011 in various practices and as well as a teacher on the Dental school in Amsterdam. In 2015 she followed the "Continuing Education Program for Comprehensive Dentistry" (CEPCD), a program to broaden her knowledge and skills. Working as a family dentist with special interest in treating patients dealing with problems related to wear and tear. To improve continuously, she does a lot of courses and she is a member of the KRT (quality register of dentistry) and of the KNMT (the national union of dentistry).

Nadine Saleh

Nadine Saleh– dentist

Nadine is a caring, enthusiastic dentist, originally from Hamburg Germany.

Glenn van Straalen

Glenn van Straalen – dental specialist in endodontics

Glenn van Straalen has worked as a general practitioner for 20 years. He worked for a few years as a teacher at ACTA (Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam) in The Hague. Glenn has since 2005 focused on endodontics (root canal treatments) and completed a masters degree in 2008 in this field.

Dental hygienists

Claudine Jansen

Claudine Jansen - dental hygienist

My name is Claudine Jansen. I graduated from ACTA in Amsterdam in 1996. I have worked in general practices and I specialized in anxiety patients and care for the disabled. I have been working at DeltaDents since 2010 where I am happy to work for the patients and the team. In addition to working in the dentalpractice, I regularly attend courses, workshops and seminars to keep up with what is happening in oral care. At the moment I am interested in elderly care and nutrition.

Marieke Ottjes

Marieke Ottjes - dental hygienist

Monique van der Voort

Monique van der Voort - dental hygienist

My name is Monique. I have been a dental hygiënist for the last 40 years and also have 30 years of experience working side by side with orthodontists.

(Perio-)preventive and/or orthodontic assistants


Bianca – perio-preventive dental assistant

My name is Bianca. In June 2018 I received my assistant diploma at the mbo Rijnland. During my studies I did many internships in the region of Leiden where I gained quite some work experience. Since November 2018 I have enjoyed working at DeltaDents. You can meet me in one of the treatment rooms as a (perio-) preventive dental assistant, assisting one of the dentists or at the desk. I like the variety of the work activities and I like the contact with our clients. See you in our practice!.


Isaac – assistant

Isaac has been a young, enthusiastic colleague within our team since 2019. He currently works as a dental assistant, but in the future he will become a dentist. He started his study dentistry in 2019 at ACTA in Amsterdam.


Gaby – dental assistant

My name is Gaby, I have been working at DeltaDents since 1 April 2021 and I really enjoy my work. In 1991 I obtained my dental assistant diploma, and worked in general practice and at the Youth Dental Care in The Hague. However, I have not worked in dentistry for a number of years and I think it is very nice that I have been given the opportunity to pick up my old profession again at DeltaDents. See you in practice!


Zohal - dental assistant

My name is Zohal. I started working here since October 2022. I just graduated as a dental assistant and I still learn a lot. I enjoy doing this work. It’s nice to help people get a good oral health. See you soon at our dental practice. :)


Mandy - preventive dental assistant

My name is Mandy. I started in 2020 as a dental assistant in the DeltaDents team. I do my work with a lot of pleasure!! Maybe we’ll see each other in the dental practice.


Merel – perio-preventive dental assistant

Hi everyone, my name is Merel. I started at DeltaDents in April 2015 as a dental assistant and in 2016 I obtained my diploma as a preventive dental assistant. In March 2019 I passed my perio-preventive dental assistant training. I am happy to motivate patients in our practice! I look forward to seeing you soon :).


Sandra – assistant

My name is Sandra. I have enjoyed working as a dental assistant for over 7 years. September 2021 I started at DeltaDents. You might meet me behind the counter and /or in the dentist's treatment room. I have always had a great fear of the dentist, partly because of this, I can empathize very well with our patients who are anxious, I like to help them through their fears. I hope that will reduce the fear and make the experience with us more enjoyable.


Yvonne – perio-preventive assistant

Yvonne has a lot of experience as a dental assistant and preventive assistant. In 2020 she completed the training to become a perio-preventive assistant and can now also perform these treatments independently. Yvonne radiates peace and confidence and is also good at her job.