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When you decide to sign up as a patient at DeltaDents, we ask you and any family members to register online. After registration one of our team members will contact you to plan the intake appointment.

The intake appointment establishes a vital foundation for our relationship. We would like to discuss your dental needs and desires and from thereon work (if necessary) towards a healthy mouth.

We will ask you to complete a health form, given to you at the first visit. The dentist will examine your teeth, review necessary x-rays (panoramic x-ray and/or bitewing photos) and make an assessment of your oral condition.

In case you need any dental treatment, a customised treatment plan and estimate will be prepared for you.

Of course, we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Also, if applicable, bring your dental insurance information.

We appreciate your confidence and look forward to meeting you.

Good to know

Please take into account that the intake appointment, including two bitewing photos and/or a panoramic x-ray, will cost approximately € 75,- to 155, – per adult. Infomedics (the company handling the financial side) will send you and/or your insurance the invoice.

Generally, dental codes claimed during the intake, will be (partly) covered by insurance companies if you have a dental insurance. We advise you to verify this with your insurance company. The codes we might charge you during the intake are: C001, 2 x X10 (bitewing photos), X21 (panoramic x-ray).

Every two years new bitewing photos are taken, in order to retain the health of your teeth and gums. If applicable, bring information/your patient file/digital x-rays from your previous dentist.